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Profiles of VICtory: Rocky, Marine Corps Veteran

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Meet Rocky, a Marine Corps Veteran

Rocky served as a US Marine during the 1980s. After Honorably discharged, he found himself breaking the law, ending up in and out of prison multiple times. Rocky first heard about the VIC through the State Jail Diversion program: a program that gives Veterans an alternative to incarceration, or for when early parole is an option. Working with the VA, state judicial system, and NM Behavioral Health Services Division, the VIC offers an opportunity for previously incarcerated Veterans an option to begin their road to recovery after jail. Through our Transitional Housing Program, Veterans are able to work on conforming to both sobriety and new community standards and expectations. Veterans also have a team to help them deal with issues that could affect their positive transition, including access to community services for successful reintegration to society. Rocky saw an opportunity to finally get his life on track after jail. He applied for the program prior to being released, and was accepted into the VIC program. With the help of his VIC Case Manager, he knew what he wanted to do with his new opportunity on life. Rocky became more involved by becoming a Veteran Representative (advocate for the Veterans in program), and a VIC driver. When he received his housing voucher, Rocky knew it was time to move into his own place and the VIC's SSVF program helped him with deposits, utilities and fully furnishing his apartment through the VIC donations program.

Rocky was so inspired by his Case Manager who believed in him and told him, he “could do anything” in life, that he finished his degree at CNM and became a certified Substance Abuse Counselor. Rocky overcame many barriers that lead to incarceration, homelessness and ultimately to his self-sufficiency and independence. He has hit a few bumps along the road, but he’s found his passion in helping those many would otherwise write off. Rocky believes second chances are possible, and regularly checks in with us, so we know he is still using the tools he learned from VIC staff.


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