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Profiles of VICtory: Adam, Marine Corps Veteran

Meet Adam, a Marine Corps Veteran

Adam served in the Marines for 5 years, and after being discharged found himself in Albuquerque after relocating from Texas. His health issues prevented him from maintaining a job, and Adam found himself homeless for 3 years. He heard about the VIC through our Community Shuttle, when he was at one of our partners, Noon Day Ministries, and saw a community event going on. Our local community Stand Down, the VIC sponsors this event each year and has over 250 Veterans in attendance that can access over 40 service providers directly in one day. Adam, came in and talked with VIC staff on site, where he was then enrolled in our Emergency Housing Program and was removed from the streets immediately. Emergency Housing allows VIC staff to assess the Veteran’s situation and develop a plan that includes continued housing placement. After his assessment, Adam chose the VIC Transitional Housing Program where he could use the opportunity to recover from his health problems, and work on services that will prepare him for long-term independence. Adam was able to file for Social Security Disability and worked with a Veteran Service Officer who worked with him to increase his VA Disability Rating. Adam also worked with our VA Liaison who helped him obtain a HUD-VASH voucher and with the assistance from our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, enabled Adam to get his own apartment and afford to be self-sufficient. Adam continues to work with his VIC case manager to ensure that he remains housed and can get the guidance and support for other problems that could put him back in homelessness without VIC support. We are happy to report that Adam received Social Security Disability and increase his VA Disability Rating that have both allowed Adam to remain housed and continued improved health and wellness.


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