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With multiple housing options based on the Veteran’s unique situation, the VIC has choices for Veterans and their families who are literally on the verge of homelessness to end the cycle immediately.

If you are literally homeless, the VIC has the ability to help those wanting to begin their road to recovery and end the homeless cycle immediately. This is a temporary program that enables a team of dedicated staff to help assess your situation and develop a plan that includes continued housing placement and a stability plan that address those problems that led to the homeless event, and giving back while working toward self-sufficiency and independence. Veterans must be willing to end the cycle of homelessness and work on their road to a new beginning.

Located in Albuquerque, the Veterans Integration Centers (VIC) Transitional Housing Program provides housing for up to one (1) year that enables Veterans or Veteran families to build an achievable plan leading to stable housing and financial independence.

Our program is unique to New Mexico in that we can support Veteran families (up to 4) in a fully supportive living environment that allows families to remain housed together. So often, programs do not consider the trauma separating families can cause. As Veterans, we know no one serves alone, and we will support Veteran families regardless of their difficulties.

Funded largely by the US Department of Veteran Affairs Grant & Per Diem (GPD) Program, our Transitional Housing program is a true collaboration and model of community partnership that shows the need for nonprofits to work with other organizations in solving homelessness effectively. Case management teams work with over 100 community partners to ensure that Veterans, and their families, receive the necessary supportive services to improve their lives and gain their newfound independence.

Funded by the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, an initiative of the US Department of Veteran Affairs, the program promotes housing stability among very low-income Veteran families who reside in or are transitioning to permanent housing. The program provides rapid re-housing and homeless prevention services through evidence-based practices and case management strategies in order to achieve housing stability within 90 days. Case management services are designed to provide individualized, person-centered support services with a focus on the direct needs of each Veteran family and can last for up to 270 days, based on the unique situation and need of the Veteran.

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