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With multiple housing options based on the Veteran’s unique situation, the VIC has choices for Veterans and their families who are literally and on the verge of homelessness to end the cycle immediately.

Emergency Housing 

If you are literally homeless, the VIC has the ability to help those wanting to begin their road to recovery and end the homeless cycle immediately. This is a temporary program that enables a team of dedicated staff to help assess your situation and develop a plan that includes continued housing placement and a stability plan that address those problems that led to the homeless event, and giving back while working toward self-sufficiency and independence. Veterans must be willing to end the cycle of homelessness and work on their road to a new beginning.

Emergency Housing FAQs

How does emergency housing work?

Emergency Housing may be an option if you are also trying to get out of homelessness AND willing to work on the struggles that led you to it. You will need to contact the Emergency Housing program at our Central Office, if you are literally homeless or couch surfing, to be screened. Please call (505) 296-0800 and ask for the Emergency Housing program.

Do I have to be Active Duty?

Certain programs may require active duty service to be eligible. We have multiple programs that have different service requirements. Speak with one of our Outreach Specialists to see if you qualify.

I don't have a VA card or a DD214  or any state ID, can I still get services? 

Yes. Our staff will help you get a DD214 replaced, and can direct you on where to go for enrollment at the VA hospital, if you’re not currently enrolled. We may be able to help verify your Veteran status to establish eligibility. You won’t be turned away for services!

How to Apply 

Veterans interested in Emergency Housing can fill out the Emergency Housing Application and turn it in person by visiting a VIC office or emailing the completed application to: or faxing to: 505-266-2609.

Questions regarding Emergency Housing or the status of an application can be directed to an Outreach Intake Specialist by calling 505-296-0800.

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