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Sidekick Salute: Tyrone Berry

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

A few weeks ago, Ty had just gotten off work and was working on his vehicle when he heard a woman yelling for help. He located the woman and asked how he could be of assistance and she told him her husband suddenly collapsed. Ty knew it was a scary situation for the woman because she was hysterical and crying. He quickly sprang into action by calming her down and had her dial 9-11 while he assessed the situation; Ty noticed the husband wasn’t breathing, but did feel a pulse and he knew he had to begin CPR immediately because he didn’t know when the husband stopped breathing and for how long he was deprived of oxygen. He performed CPR on the husband for about 10 minutes and when First Responders arrived, the husband was breathing. When they were getting ready to transport the couple to the nearest hospital, one of the First Responders told Ty, the husband was alive because he provided lifesaving CPR. Later that night, Ty began to think about the events of that late afternoon and realized the training the VIC provided him (CPR training as well as basic first aid training) gave him the tools he needed to help someone in need. He was grateful for the training and proud that he could use it to make a difference in someone’s life.

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