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Sidekick Salute: Ubaldo, Air Force Veteran

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Ubaldo is an Air Force Veteran who served for 3 years and he sees the VIC as a lifeline. Having been recently released from prison, Ubaldo is hopeful of future ahead of him. He first heard about the VIC and its Transitional Housing program through a presentation while he was incarcerated and when he got the opportunity to parole early by being accepted into the VIC’s Transitional Housing program, Ulbaldo jumped at the opportunity. Working with Daniel, his assigned Case Manager, Ubaldo is working on an individualized plan to help him get his “life back on track.” With Daniel’s guidance, he’s working on obtaining personal identification documents that will help him file for benefits. He also can’t wait to get his own place and finally have a stable home.

When asked which “Mr. Men / Little Miss” character he associated with the most, Ubaldo said, “Mr. Strong.” Like Mr. Strong, Ubaldo is one of the strongest people we know and we know he will achieve his personal goal of having his own home.

Each month, a VIC Resident is chosen by the staff as the Resident of the Month; this accolade is compiled using a variety of factors such as volunteer hours, completion of program requirements including attending life skills training classes or relapse prevention classes.

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