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Sidekick Salute: John, Army Veteran

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

John is an Army Veteran who served for 4 years, enlisting in 1989. Prior to enrolling in the VIC Transitional Housing Program, John spent 6 years in the East Mountains where a kind, elderly woman gave him food and a place to stay. Unfortunately, she passed away in March and Josh struggled after her passing. He had no idea that services existed to help him until the V.A. Homeless Outreach Program referred him to the VIC where John has been enrolled since April. With the help of his Case Manager, Robin, John is working on an individualized plan to help him achieve his goals and focus working through his grief.

When asked which “Mr. Men / Little Miss” character he associated with the most, John said, “Mr. Worry.” Unlike Mr. Worry, who spends time on his worries every single day of the week, John has a dedicated team to help him navigate any worries he might have and are helping him become independent once again.

Each month, a VIC Resident is chosen by the staff as the Resident of the Month; this accolade is compiled using a variety of factors such as volunteer hours, completion of program requirements including attending life skills training classes or relapse prevention classes.

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