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Profiles of VICtory: Ethan, Army Veteran

Meet Ethan, an Army Veteran

Ethan served in the Army for eight years. He grew up in New Mexico, but after the military found himself living in Kansas. Ethan got married while in the military, but began to have marriage problems after two years of being out of the Army. His wife filed for divorce and Ethan moved to Albuquerque for a new beginning. He moved in with his mother, but decided he wanted his own apartment after he got a construction job. Unfortunately, the job didn’t work out as COVID hit the community, and he was embarrassed to return to his mother’s house. Instead, he decided to live in his truck where he spent three months homeless and trying to figure out what to do next. He heard about the VIC when attending a local church service, and called our offices to learn more. After a discussion about his needs, Ethan was accepted into our Emergency Housing Program, and no longer would have to live in his truck. He was provided a safe place to live, and meals while we assessed his needs. Ethan was honest with his case manager and felt Transitional Housing wasn’t for him. He expressed a desire to move into his own apartment again. Since Ethan was already working with one of our partners on employment options, he was enrolled in our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program that was able to find Ethan a new home in only 5 days. Ethan received help with his security deposit, rent and utilities. He also got furniture and household items so that his financial burden did not put him back in homelessness.

The temporary assistance helped Ethan save money and build a small emergency cash fund for his future. He also found a job and was able to be independent in less than three months. Ethan faced several barriers including legal, financial, and mental health problems, but he’s proven with determination and support, anyone can overcome them.


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