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Profiles of VICtory: Chantelle, Air force Veteran

Meet Chantelle an Air Force Veteran

Chantelle served in the Air Force for 5 years, and was Honorable Discharged in 2009. Chantelle, her husband, and two children found themselves stranded in New Mexico after their van broke down while moving from Iowa to Arizona. Chantelle heard about the VIC through our local VA Liaison. With no money left to repair the vehicle, the family was staying at a hotel paid for by a local church. After speaking with our Emergency Housing Intake Specialist, Chantelle and her family were enrolled and provided additional time in the hotel as we assessed her situation. After several days, Chantelle began working with a case manager and after nine days, was ready to move into her family’s new home. Our SSVF program was able to provide a deposit, rent, and utility deposit. Our Donations Specialist was able to coordinate delivery of furniture for their new home, and new beds for the children, and through support from a local supporter, their van was repaired. After working on her other needs, Chantelle was able to file a claim for VA benefits with the local VSO, and her husband was able to find work through our partners at the NM Dept of Workforce Solutions. Chantelle wanted to get back to college, and was connected with our friends at Central New Mexico College where the Veteran Advisor helped her access her GI Bill benefits. Chantelle’s journey has not been an easy one. The family suffered a few setbacks, but with the help of their VIC family, they were able to make a new home and continue rebuilding their lives. Chantelle graduated from CNM and is now working as a social worker advocate. She said her experience at the VIC was life changing and she wanted to inspire others by helping them along the way.


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