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(Albuquerque, NM) –The Veterans Integration Centers has been awarded a $3.2 million Capital Grant from the Department of Veteran Affairs to increase safety and reduce the risk of COVID-19 to Veterans in transitional housing. The capital funds will allow the VIC to purchase land and construct a 22,000 square foot building in Albuquerque that will result in less congregate and more individual unit style housing and improves personal safety while reducing risks associated with close quarters living.

“It is such an honor and blessing that the VA has awarded this grant toward helping us end Veteran homelessness in New Mexico and allow the VIC to continue providing the best possible transitional housing services to our nation's Heroes and their families,” said Bobby Ehrig, the VIC’s CEO. “Our new campus will be the premiere spot to support Veterans wanting a new opportunity at a stable life and empowering them to overcome obstacles as we walk with them on their journey.”

Each year, the VIC serves over 450 Veteran families each through a multitude of programs and housing services including Emergency, Transitional and Rapid Re-Housing models that enable a Veteran, and their family, to end the cycle of homeless moving toward sustainability and independence. The VIC currently operates two locations in Albuquerque and the new facility will allow the VIC to consolidate its two locations into a one campus. “In addition to this grant of $3.2 million from the VA, the VIC will begin a capital campaign to help offset the costs of the build estimated at $5.1 million,” added Ehrig. “Our goal will be to raise funds that will help us reduce our debt and allow us to work with more patriotic New Mexicans and businesses who understand that we care deeply about our Veteran families and believe in the VIC and its mission.”

“It is an honor to help lead this effort to get the VIC a new home and great location for our Veterans in Transitional Housing”, said Jerry Becker, Board Chairman. “The goal is to begin building in Fall 2022 and open the new campus in Fall 2023. We hope the community will join us in supporting Veteran families through our capital campaign that will begin soon and help ensure that our staff, and the Veterans we serve, have the best possible accommodations while they become independent members of our communities.”

The VIC is among 35 other awardees nationwide to receive a share of the full $64.7 million package dispersed by the VA under its Grant and Per Diem program. The capital grants are supported with funds authorized through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. For more information about the VA’s Grant and Per Diem program, please visit

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