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Navy Veteran to Receive Mortgage Free Home

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


Navy Veteran to Receive Mortgage Free Home

U.S. Navy Veteran L. Larry and his wife will receive keys to a mortgage-free, fully-furnished mobile home in the Albuquerque Community from the Veterans Integration Centers (VIC) on July 23, 2021. The home was generously donated to the VIC by an Army Veteran who wanted to change a Veteran’s life for the better.

Like many Veterans, Mr. Larry struggled after leaving the military, where he spent four years on active duty. Upon his discharge, Larry found himself in trouble with the law and serving time in prison. As part of the VIC’s Re-Entry Program, Larry enrolled in the VIC’s Transitional Housing Program, where he has been a model resident working to regain his newfound sense of self, and tools to help him and his new wife become independent and self-sufficient in their Golden years.

Working closely with the Department of Veteran Affairs, State of New Mexico Judicial system, the NM Behavioral Health Services Division, the VIC’s Jail Diversion Program, offers previously incarcerated Veterans an alternative option for early parole. Through the VIC’s Transitional Housing program, Veterans work on conforming to both community standards and expectations, as well as addressing life’s struggles that many of us take for granted. Veterans also have a supportive team to help them deal with issues that could affect their positive transition, including access to community services for a successful reintegration with society. Larry applied for the program prior to being paroled and was accepted into the program where he has thrived and is learning positive tools for long-term success.

Larry had several barriers to obtaining housing that many of our veterans’ face. After leaving the military, veterans still struggle to reintegrate into society, and in many cases make bad decisions that can haunt their future opportunities. The VIC helps our Veterans work toward independence, and in the case of Mr. Larry, has enabled him and his wife to have a real home they could not otherwise afford on their own. The donation of the mobile home has helped to pave a future for the Larry family, where housing insecurity is no longer an issue. The family is excited about owning a home for the first time in their life and has been working closely with his case manager, Ms. Martha Gonzalez, on a housing stability plan that will enable them to be self-sufficient and positive members of society.

“The VIC is honored to be a part of the Larry family’s new life and share this wonderful opportunity that another veteran helped to make happen”, said Mr. Bobby Ehrig, CEO of the VIC, and a combat wounded Veteran of the Iraq War. “It was such an honor when the donor wants to include the VIC in giving back to other Veteran’s that may be struggling. In many situations, the generosity of the community is how the VIC has been able to help so many of our New Mexico Veterans over the last 15 years, and we are honored that we can once again make the dream of home ownership a reality for the Larry family.”

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