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The Apartment Association of New Mexico (AANM) held their annual Charity Gala and auction on December 3, 2021 and raised $35,000 benefiting the Veterans Integration Centers. Each year, AANM members explore ways to give back to the community and the annual event has grown into a premier fundraising event for AANM attracting guests from across New Mexico. Proceeds from the gala will be used to support emergency housing placement of Veterans and their families entering VIC programs and provides safety while they await assessment.

“We cannot thank the VIC enough for what you do to support homeless Veteran families,” said Alan LaSeck, Executive Director of AANM. “We have been honored to help the VIC in their efforts to end Veteran homelessness in New Mexico and hope to continue this strong relationship into the future.”

Since its inception in 2016, the AANM Charity Gala has raised over $130,000 to support the Veterans Integration Centers mission of ending Veteran homelessness in New Mexico. “Creating long lasting friendships in the nonprofit world is critical when you have services that rely on ongoing efforts to combat a tough issue like homelessness,” said Bobby Ehrig, VIC CEO. “The Apartment Association of New Mexico has been a great partner that continues to help support our efforts to end Veteran homelessness in New Mexico and honor our nation's Heroes in their time of need. The Association has and always will be part of our VIC family and we are honored that they care so deeply about our mission and the Veteran families we serve.”

Jerry Becker, the VIC’s Chairperson added, “As the new Board Chair for the VIC, it is an honor to accept such generosity from a great partner helping support our Veteran families. We are forever grateful for the continued generosity and will ensure that we honor your commitment to the VIC and our mission to end Veteran homelessness in New Mexico.”

Founded in 1979, the Apartment Association of New Mexico is a nonprofit organization whose mission is, “To empower, promote, preserve, and advance the rental housing industry in New Mexico through innovative education, advocacy, legislation, and communication.” For more information about AANM or how to become a member, please visit

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