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Concerns addressed from Community meeting - 10/5/2022

Question (10/17/22):  Will this increase the area's crime when we already don't get responses from the police? 

Answer:  The VIC currently maintains a good relationship with the Albuquerque Police Department and plans to continue this relationship within the Kirtland neighborhood. In our current neighborhood, we have been active participants in helping improve the community and rid it of some of the known illegal activities which were not associated with our clients. Our biggest tools have been the security cameras we've installed throughout the current complex. A new security camera system will be installed throughout the new Mulberry Street campus, allowing 360° coverage. According to our current landlord of the property located on Ortiz Dr. near the VA "The VIC has really helped improve my apartment complex significantly."

Question (10/17/22):  What about homeless people? Would be attracted to the site and set up outside our gated facility.

Answer: The VIC operates several housing programs. Veterans seeking assistance from the VIC are often placed in Emergency Housing throughout the State of New Mexico while they are getting screened for one of our programs. VIC Staff is on campus twenty-four hours a day, and only authorized or potential clients are allowed on campus. The campus will be a gated, sealed campus requiring a key fob to enter.

Question (10/17/22):  Will our residents would cause disruptions during the day and take drugs and leave needles etc., where the children of the community play?

Answer:  The VIC Transitional Housing program is a drug-free program. Clients are screened for illicit substances on an initial basis and periodically as well. The very few clients who struggle with substances are required to seek help for their use and abstain from further use; otherwise, they are discharged from the program and are shuttled to a shelter, another program, or with a family member.

Question (10/17/22):  Will traffic increase in the area due to the VIC's presence?

Answer:  The VIC is looking forward to becoming an advocate in the neighborhood's effort to install a traffic light at the intersection of Mulberry and Gibson. Most VIC Clients do not own privately owned vehicles, so they themselves will not be contributing to the congestion issues. Approximately 25% of the VIC participants own a vehicle.

Question (10/17/22):  Why choose the Mulberry Street property over all other Albuquerque properties?

Answer:  The Mulberry Street property was selected because it was listed for sale for the desired price, and its size and distance from the Veterans Administration Hospital were within the parameters of what we were looking for.


Question (10/17/22):  Will this site be big enough to grow to the point it needs to?

Answer:  The site on Mulberry Street matches our needs exactly based on the number of Veteran Households experiencing homelessness through the State of New Mexico and because of its location. This is based on our historical census data and the NM Coalition to End Homelessness' Point in Time count.

Military Mom holding her daughter in her arms.

We hear your concerns, and we will keep neighbors in the community informed on every phase.

If you have questions or concerns about the new homes for our homeless veterans not mentioned above, please send an email to:

Brock Wolf | C.E.O. NMVIC

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